5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Local Sign Company

local sign companyHaving the best quality signage is an investment in your business that has a decent ROI, given that 83% of business owners who install LED signs increase their overall sales. However, your business sign will only be as good as the local sign company you choose to design and install the signs. Therefore, you must pick a sign company with a reputation for designing and installing high-quality signage. How do you go about selecting sign companies for your business? Here’s how.

1. Check How Long a Local Sign Company Has Been in Business

Outdoor business signs are a long-term investment in your business. When you install commercial signs, you expect them to serve your business for an average of ten years, at least. This means that a local sign company should be stable enough to stay in business for that long. If a sign company has been in business for an extended period of time, it’s more likely that it will stay in the industry for the foreseeable future. Such companies will out-live your commercial signage. So you will not have to worry about support and sign repairs because the sign company will be there to service and maintain your business signs.

2. Professional Membership and Association

In each industry, there are professional associations that bring together all the stakeholders and also set quality standards. In North America’s sign industry, two of the most acclaimed associations are the United States Sign Council (USSC) and International Sign Association (ISC). If your local sign company holds membership in any of these professional bodies, it is a good indication that the company means business. Pittsburgh sign companies that are members of these bodies are often proud of their association and display or say it on their websites. Therefore, it is easy for you to ascertain membership by looking at their business websites.

3. Does the Sign Company Offer Full Service?

Some sign companies only design and manufacture commercial signs, but do not do sign installation. After investing in high-quality signage, you want the professional sign installers to handle the installation. Simple mistakes during the installation process can make your outdoor signs not work correctly. Therefore, you should ensure that the local sign company that you select to design your custom signs can also handle sign installation. This is important because some sign companies may design your business sign, but then sub-contract the installation.

4. What Other Signs Has the Company Installed and Designed?

You can tell how good a local sign company is by the quality of their previous work. If a sign company has designed and installed signs for a business in your industry, you should check them out. Sign companies that have worked in your local area long enough will know the specific, small details involved in sign installation and design. These details include local permits and licensure and the strategic places to install your outdoor signs. Additionally, a local sign company will know the best materials to use when designing your business signs so that they withstand the local climate.

5. Ensure That the Sign Company Designs the Type of Signage You Need

There are many types of business signs available for your use. These signs include lighted signs, monument signs, LED displays, ADA-compliant signs, directional and way-finding signs, pylon signs, canopy signs, store-front signs, and high rise building signs. Not all commercial signs are built the same. Some are easy to design and manufacture, while others, like dimensional logos, are more complicated. Before you hire a local sign company, be sure that they can design, manufacture, and install your customized business signs.

Having a commercial sign is beneficial to your business. Most Americans (72%) say that they remember a company based on their business sign. As such, a business sign contributes to the overall success of your company. To get a high-quality business sign, you should trust a reputable local sign company.