Commercial Sign Design: 4 Factors Sign Companies Consider

commercial sign design

You should consider your commercial sign as a long-term investment in your business. A good business sign will be your number one sales agent, and a better one because it will sell your business all day and night. Marketing experts say that signage can generate an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals, making it an efficient advertising and branding tool. A sign is as good as its design. For your commercial sign design, you should trust a top sign company in Pittsburgh.

When designing your commercial signage, a sign company will consider the following factors.

1. What’s The Ideal Size of Your Business Sign?

Size influences the design of your commercial signage in a big way because it sets the tone of the message. That’s why the top sign installers will first find out the ideal size you want for your business sign, before considering other factors. Therefore, sign companies in Pittsburgh may first conduct an extensive survey on the site that you want your sign installed. This will give the sign designers a basic idea of the size that is the best fit in your business location. Sign installers will also reference the local laws that may dictate sign size, to ensure that your commercial sign design complies with the local ordinances.

2. Color Design and Combination

A good custom sign design should reflect your main corporate colors distinctively. It takes an experienced sign designer to incorporate your business colors in a commercial sign design and make it look appealing. You not only want a commercial sign that is unique and reflects your brand’s colors but also you want a color combination that will capture people’s attention. It is a tough balancing act that only the top local sign companies can achieve. The sign designer must consider how the selected colors will be affected by custom lighting. The ideal color combination should be bright and reflective to boost the visibility of your commercial sign at night. As such, sign designers may experiment with various color combinations before selecting one that is most appropriate. The perfect outdoor business sign will utilize a color combination that reflects your brand’s color and also maintains a visual appeal.

3. The Readability and Visibility of your Business Sign

The readability of your commercial signage is influenced by the contrast. This requires a designer to select sign colors, text, and graphics that distinctively highlight the main message on a commercial sign. People who see your business sign may not remember the full message, but are more likely to remember the parts with high contrast. In line with this, your sign company will highlight certain parts of the message that are more relevant to prospective customers. A good sign designer will use different color combinations, and also tweak the background of texts and graphics to achieve high contrast.

4. The Climate of Your Business Location

Your local sign company will design your commercial sign using materials that can withstand the local climate. High-quality signage will endure any harsh weather conditions experienced in your area. To protect your outdoor signage from weather damage, designers may use stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic material. These materials are durable and waterproof. Therefore, they will survive adverse weather conditions without sustaining rust, cracks, or falling off. This is why the top sign companies may visit your business first, to observe the conditions your business sign will be up against. Resultantly, the sign installers will design your commercial sign using tough materials that can brave adverse weather conditions.

A commercial sign is a vital and necessary investment for every business. The majority of Americans – 79% – say that they remember a business based on their sign. To get the best quality signage, you should trust your commercial sign design to a reputable sign company in Pittsburgh. The size of your business sign, color combination, contrast, and your local climate are some of the factors that your sign installer will consider when designing your commercial sign.